“Nigeria is the only problem of the Yoruba nation.”

The Fulani as a minority ethnic group in Nigeria is just 9% of the total population of the country.

“Nigeria is the only problem of the Yoruba nation.”

Mr. Buhari is a Fulani.

The Fulani as a minority ethnic group in Nigeria is just 9% of the total population of the country.

But with the support of the self-serving career politicians in England, the Fulani controls the Nigeria’s Presidency, the National Assembly and the Judicial System since 1960.

They also control the Nigerian Armed Forces and all its branches, including the Nigerian Army, the Nigerian Navy, and the Nigerian Air Force.

The Fulani are also in firm control of the Department of State Security Services, Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, National Intelligence Agency, Office of the National Security Adviser, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission and Nigerian Immigration Services.

Under Mr. Buhari, the Fulani are also in charge of the Nigerian Customs Service, Nigeria Prison Service, Federal Fire Service, Federal Road Safety Commission and National Emergency Management Agency.

The minority Fulani are also in charge of Agriculture, Aviation, Communication, Economy, Education, Energy, Environment, Health, Maritime, Media, Science and Technology, Water Resources, and uncategorized agencies of the Federal Government.

The minority Fulani contributes nothing to the Federation Account of Nigeria.

But Mr. Buhari imported grass from Brazil to feed Fulani cows and cattle with the money generated from Yorubaland and the Niger Delta.

The Nigerian Army was ordered by Mr Buhari to set up grazing reserves in all its barracks in all states of the federation for the benefit of the Fulani.

Mr. Buhari, a Fulani, thinks about the interests and welfare of the Fulani first and foremost before any other interests.

The English in Britain and white in America are known to pursue the interests and well-being of their people first and foremost too.

However, when Mr Obasanjo was the Head of State of Nigeria in 1976, he rigged out Awolowo, a Yoruba, and made Shagari, a Fulani, the President of Nigeria in 1979.

Obasanjo took over WNTV from the Yoruba and turned it into NTA.

He changed the name of the Lagos Stock Exchange to the Nigerian Stock Exchange as well as Lagos International Airport to Murtala Muhammed International Airport.

It was Obasanjo who took over all the farm settlements in Yorubaland for his Operation Feed the Nation programme that was essentially planned to make the Yoruba depends on food crop production from the North.

Obasanjo took over all the secondary schools in Yorubaland and turned them into Federal Unity Schools and essentially ended the free education programs of Awolowo across Yorubaland.

Obasanjo changed the land use act that basically made the State and Federal Government of Nigeria the owner of all land in the country.

Before this modification, all revenues from Apapa Wharf for instance belong to the Yoruba people and not the Federal Government of Nigeria.

As President for the second time, Obasanjo allowed Shari’a in the North, but rejected regional government the Yoruba had always desired.

He seized the local governments fund belonging to Lagos State for five years during his eight years’ administration, which contributed to the slow pace of development in Lagos State.

During his third term presidency, Mr. Obasanjo imposed sickly Yar’Adua as President in 2007.

He was the arrowhead of Buhari’s presidential campaign in 2015.

Obasanjo remains anti-Yoruba.

He made Shagari, Yar’Adua and Buhari, all Fulani, President of Nigeria in 1979, 2007 and 2015 respectively.

He wants Sule Lamido, yet another Fulani to replace Buhari.

It should be mentioned that Asiwaju Bola Tinubu gave Atiku, a Fulani, the Presidential tickets of the AC in 2007.

He gave Ribadu, a Fulani, the Presidential tickets of the ACN in 2011.

In 2015, Tinubu offered the APC presidential ticket to Buhari, another Fulani and worked tirelessly for his election as President of Nigeria.

Tinubu worked for three Fulani consecutively to rule Nigeria, but the Fulani doesn’t trust him with the power of the presidency –self-preservation.

Whilst Mr. Obasanjo remains anti-Yoruba, Mr. Buhari is pro-Fulani.

Mr. Buhari is a good leader.

A good leader thinks about the welfare and interests of his people first and foremost.

Mr. Buhari, a Fulani, thinks about the interests and welfare of the Fulani first and foremost.

He is a great leader who understands self-preservation.

Musa Yar’Adua did exactly the same thing as Mr. Buhari.

In 2010, when Yar’Adua was in a vegetative state, but refused to hand over to Jonathan, there was not a single Governor in the North or one credible politician from the North who campaigned against Yar’Adua.

But during the Jonathan’s presidency, almost all the Governors of the North-West and North-East were against Jonathan.

For them, it is about ethnicity (Hausa and Fulani) and religion (Islam) and nothing to do with economic and political justice.

Buhari lied under oath during election about his school certificate, the minimum qualification to contest for an election.

He vehemently refused to produce the certificate.

He continues to preside over the affairs of Nigeria as an unqualified President.

Nigeria is a colonial contraption. A country created by the English colonial thugs.

A Buhari cannot be President in Yorubaland.

Yet, Obasanjo enlisted the support of Obama, John McCain, Hillary Clinton, the UK government and France for Buhari to be President.

The idea that Buhari will change Yorubaland and Nigeria is not just ridiculous but outrageous.

Britain colonized Yorubaland for 200 years and throughout this period, there were no Free health; Free and mandatory education for any Yoruba citizen.

No television station and Radio stations; No single stadium for sports; No skyscraper buildings; and nothing like state welfare benefits. Only an old railway system to siphon Yoruba wealth and resources to build England.

But when Awolowo led the Action Group to victory in the Yoruba Western Regional elections of 1951 and was named Leader of Government, Business and Minister for Local Government and Finance and ultimately becoming the first Premier of the Region, under the Nigeria’s parliamentary system – to manage all the wealth and resources of the Yoruba people, Awolowo provided Yorubaland with:

Free healthcare, the first in Africa.

Free and mandatory education from primary school to the tertiary level, the first in Africa.

Built the Liberty Stadium, now Obafemi Awolowo Stadium, the first in Africa.

Established WNTV, now NTA, the first in Africa.

Erected the Cocoa House, the first skyscraper in Africa.

Built the Ikeja, Apapa, Ilupeju and Oluyole industrial estates, the first in Africa.

Built and commissioned the University Teaching Hospital, UCH, Ibadan, the first in Africa.

Though the first University in Africa was built in Egypt before the birth of Jesus Christ, no other university was established in Africa until Awolowo built the University of Ife, now Obafemi Awolowo University.
University of Ibadan was a mere satellite campus of the Cambridge University in England.

Awolowo ran a welfarist state and widely respected public service in Yorubaland.

Awolowo provided the Yoruba people of Western Region of Nigeria with the above under a regional system of government.

However, since the suspension of the regional system of government by the Igbo and Hausa/Fulani in 1966…
The Yoruba nation has returned to the era of slavery and colonialism under the British.

Since then, there is no more free education; free health care or a welfarist state in Yorubaland.

The revenues generated in Yorubaland now go to Abuja to fund growth and development in the North.
As a consequence of the above, the best of the Yoruba brains now live in North America and Europe; mostly working as security guards, care assistants, hospital cleaners, road cleaners, toilet attendants or doing other menial jobs.

If we wouldn’t let a white man as President of Nigeria for being a foreigner, why Buhari, a Fulani and foreigner in Nigeria?

Racism of colour?

Apapa Local Government Area of Lagos State, Yorubaland, contributes more money to the Federation Account of Nigeria every month than the entire 19 Northern States and 419 local governments put together.

Yet, Obasanjo is not concerned about the economic injustice against the Yoruba nation and her people.

But continues pushing for Sule Lamido, a Fulani, for President after Buhari.

I haven’t seen white Americans political leaders drumming support for an African-American to the office of the President of the United States.

When have you seen the English political leaders clamouring for a Scottish for the position of Prime minister of the United Kingdom?

Yorubaland is the economic backbone of Nigeria.

Yoruba makes 25% of the entire population of Nigeria.

Fulani makes only 9% of the entire population of Nigeria.

Yoruba contributes 49% of the entire revenue of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Fulani contributes 0% of the receipts of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Yoruba produces 80% of Nigeria’s GDP.

Fulani produces 0% of Nigeria’s GDP.

But Obasanjo enlisted the help of the United States, the United Kingdom and France in order to make Buhari, a Fulani President of Nigeria.

Professor Osinbajo, a recognized professor of Law, who has even shared his knowledge through his books is Yoruba and the Deputy President to the Primary School Army recruit Buhari, a Fulani and the current President of Nigeria.

This nonsense wouldn’t have happened to the white in the United States.

The English would have declared a war on any group of people in Britain who tries the above nonsense with them in the United Kingdom.

But the Yoruba have no sense of self-worth and self-preservation.

Nigeria as a country has never fought a single war with any of its neighbours.

But it is currently killing the Ijaw citizens in the Delta;

The IPOB members in Igboland are being murdered;

Shia Muslims in the North and the large scale massacre of indigenous people of the Middle Belt.

People died, lots of them, many of them were executed in full public view by the Nigerian state using the Police and the Armed Forces.

The military lurch from killings to killings in military operations in Lagos and Ogun creeks.

Soldiers killed followers of preacher Zakzaky and dumped them in a mass grave.

People were massacred in Southern Kaduna by Nigerian soldiers masquerading as Fulani herdsmen because of the nationalization of terror by Buhari.

When a Danish man draws a cartoon of Mohammed in faraway Denmark, Hausa/Fulani people go around killing Igbos and destroying their properties in the North.

The Hausa/Fulani has ruled Nigeria for over 40 years and they keep threatening everyone else that they are being marginalized, and so they started bombing everywhere, gullible Yoruba people say let’s negotiate with them.

The Igbos voted for Jonathan, gullible Yoruba people say they are myopic and tribalistic.

The Hausa, Fulani, and Kanuri voted massively for Buhari, gullible Yoruba people say it is called “change” and democracy.

Adamu Ciroma and other Hausa/Fulani said “The North would make this country ungovernable if a Northerner does not become President” and “There will be no Nigeria if power does not return to the North”.

Gullible Yoruba people call them Elder Statesmen, Party Stalwart, Northern leader, etc.

Nnamdi Kanu says the same thing, but gullible Yoruba people call him a retard, treasonable criminal, war-monger, evil and so on.

The nations within Nigeria are at war.

The country is better divided than remain a going concern.

We are Yoruba, Edo, Ijaw, Igbo, Gwari, Tiv, Kanuri, Hausa/Fulani and others.

Erasing the identity under a unitary system is the cause of hate mongering, rioting, and ethnic cleansing.

Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, large parts of Serbia, Romania, and smaller parts of Italy, Montenegro, Poland and Ukraine all separated on 31 October 1918 from the former Austria-Hungary.

Wales, England, Scotland and Ireland formed the United Kingdom. Later the people of Ireland left and formed the Republic of Ireland. Scotland has had a referendum about breaking away from the UK and the UK recently left the EU.

Gran Colombia divided into Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Panama, Northern Peru, Western Guyana, and North-West Brazil.

India was partitioned into the sovereign states of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, People’s Republic of Bangladesh and the Republic of India.

Norway separated from Sweden on June 6, 1905.

Malaysia separated from Singapore.

In August 1991, the USSR was officially dissolved into 15 nations: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.

These are the 7 countries Yugoslavia was divided into: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia and Kosovo.

The Yoruba still don’t get the essence of a nation and self-preservation.

Yorubaland was balkanized by the colonial thugs from England, France and Germany into partly Nigeria, Benin Republic and Togo.

In Nigeria, where the Yoruba is the majority, the minority Fulani further divided them from Western Region into states such as Lagos, Ekiti, Ondo, Ogun, Osun, Oyo, Kwara, Kogi, Edo and Delta states.

Until such a time the Yoruba Youth #ThinkYorubaFirst, Fulani will forever control Yorubaland economically, socially and politically.

They have continued to abused Buhari and called him evil, yet this man has done so much to educate them on the need for self-preservation.

Buhari, a Fulani, imported grass from Brazil for the Fulani.

He wants national grazing reserves for the Fulani.
Buhari is using the Nigerian Armed Forces to recover cows, goats and donkeys belonging to the Fulani from rustlers.

Under Buhari, the Nigerian Army was ordered to set up grazing reserves in their barracks in all states of the federation, a means to introduce national grazing reserves across the Federation for the benefit of the Fulani.

When are the Ooni, Alaafin, Tinubu, Obasanjo and other Yoruba leaders going to #ThinkYorubaFirst the same way Buhari, Sultan of Sokoto and the Emirs are thinking Fulani First?

As President-elect, Mr Trump speaks with Taiwan President, Ms Tsai.

China immediately lodges a complaint with the US, saying Taiwan remains a breakaway province of China and that the US policy set in 1979 to cut all formal relations with Taiwan, should be respected by the President-elect.

Mr Trump’s transition team said he and Tsai Ing-wen noted “close economic, political, and security ties” in a phone call.

President Trump’s foreign policy seems to support self-determination for indigenous nations.

But gullible Young Yoruba are daily abusive of President Trump, a leader who is open to support self-determination.

Let me remind you that before the US Presidential election of 2016, John Kerry, acting on behalf of Obama and to aid Hillary Clinton’s election, asked Buhari to heat up the conflict in the Niger Delta.

U.S. pledges $5 million contribution to the Hausa, Fulani and Kanuri troops from Nigeria, Niger, Chad and Cameroon in the name of fighting Boko Haram through the Chad Basin Commission.

Buhari had earlier pledged $100 million to the same command and had already released $21 million.

The so call fight against Boko Haram is a U.S. proxy war and secret ops in West Africa, ultimately using the Hausa and Fulani to suppress the freedom and liberty as well as economic growth and development of the Yoruba people.

The movement of the DHQ to the North, arming of the Hausa, Fulani, Kanuri from Northern Nigeria, Niger, Chad and Cameroon by the Buhari’s administration, are all aimed at disarming the Yoruba people and make their region vulnerable to the vagaries of the global Northern hemisphere as well as to the agents of the Hausa/Fulani’s caliphate hegemony.

The Yoruba nation would have been so vulnerable like it was during the June 12 battle with Hausa/Fulani murdering the Yoruba people like flies with no weapon on the part of the Yoruba people to defend themselves, if Hillary Clinton had won the U.S. presidential election.

Ooni, Alaafin and other Yoruba leaders will do well to try and enlist the support of President Trump against the Fulani and self-serving career politicians in England propping up the Fulani radical islamists.

Ignoring this reality will spell doom for Yorubaland.

Don’t be unnecessarily emotional about Buhari.

He thinks and works like the English in Britain and the white in America, first and foremost in the interest of the Fulani in Nigeria.

The Yoruba still don’t get it when it comes to self-preservation.

In America, white supremacy means that white people politically, economically and socially rule non-white people because they are in the majority in terms of population and likewise the economic backbone of the United States.

However, this is not the case of the Fulani supremacy in Nigeria.

Since 1960, the Fulani politically, economically and socially rule non-Fulani especially the Yoruba, yet they possess not the population nor the economic power of the Yoruba.

The Yoruba who are the majority in terms of population in Nigeria and the economic backbone of the country, but have no idea what self-preservation means.

Buhari is more enlightened than all the Yoruba leaders put together.

He thinks Fulani first and foremost.

Tinubu was more about himself, guess not anymore.

Obasanjo is still thinking more about his personal aggrandizement at age 80+.

On critical ethnic relationship, Fulani supremacy is a socio-economic system where the Fulani people and by extension the Hausa enjoys a structural advantage (privilege) over other ethnic groups, both at a collective and an individual level.

Yet 49% of the wealth of Nigeria has always come from Yorubaland,

44% from the South-South

With less than 2.5% coming from the Hausa/Fulani.

In 2012, I asserted that Lagos State alone generated 60% of Nigeria’s VAT.

Young Yoruba called me a jobless madman.

But in 2017, the Minister for Finance, Kemi Akande, confirmed my statement and asserted that Lagos State alone generated 55% of Nigeria’s VAT.

In 2014, I asserted that Yorubaland is responsible for 80% of the taxes collected by the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS).

Young Yoruba called me a jobless madman.

But in 2018, the Oba of Lagos, Akinolu, confirmed my assertion and said that 60% to 70% of the taxes collected by FIRS comes from Lagos State.

Yorubaland is responsible for 20% of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)

Yorubaland is responsible for 90% of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS)

Yorubaland is responsible for 80% of the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS). The taxes collected by FIRS include:

Corporate Income Tax; Education Tax; Information Technology Tax; Pension Contributions; Industrial Training Fund Contributions; National Housing Fund Contributions; Employees Compensation Scheme; Petroleum Profit Tax; Capital Gains Tax; Withholding Tax; Value Added Tax (VAT); Stamp Duty; Luxury Tax

Yorubaland is responsible for 90% of the Nigeria Ports Authority (NPA)

Yorubaland is responsible for 60% of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)

Yorubaland is responsible for 95% of the Nigeria Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA)

South-South is responsible for 100% of the Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG)

If the Yoruba Youth takes charge of Apapa Wharf, Tin Can Port, Lagos International Airport and the Lagos Stock Exchange, what else is Fulani supremacy?

We must contend for Oduduwa Republic.

We own it a duty to the next Yoruba generation yet unborn.

There is no dignity in slavery.

We cannot continue to allow the Hausa/Fulani
to use the wealth and resources generated in Yorubaland to fund economic growth and development in the North.
-Adeyinka Grandson


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