Thoughts in the mind are like birds in the sky; u may hate them but u can’t arrest their flights. U may change their courses but u can’t determine their paths, u may deter them but u can’t direct them, u can’t stop them from flying across ur head but u can stop them from perching on ur head. These thoughts are mine, but they are not my creations, I didn’t choose them, they chose me, like lightning in the sky, it ran through my mind:
“Is there any thread connecting El-Rufai’s open letter to president Buhari; the presidency’s suspension of SGF and DG NIA, latest Court Order that granted Nnamdi Kanu bail?
Many will correctly say yes but will offer differing reasons with majority reasoning that El-Rufai’s open letter has made Buhari to sit-up on his anti-corruption war and henceforth there is no sacred cow… thoughts beg to differ. My thoughts are:
Buhari is regrettably said to have cancer and internal organ diseases at terminal stages. It is generally suspected that the medics have given up on him and has tentative date of his departure to undisclosed country which is not likely to be beyond 2017/2018. Yet he was elected to govern till 2019.

In the event that that suspicion become a reality(God forbids), the vice president Osibanjo, a Yorubaman will be expected to assume the headship of Federal Republic of Nigeria in line with our extant law and constitution. The north will have to wait and hope that he doesn’t ask for one full term in 2019 which will take him to 2023 and that he won’t request for a second term which will take him to 2027(10years from now). The north by now knows the cost of retaking the presidency from an incumbent. The human and socioeconomic sacrifices required to accomplish that task are still fresh in their minds. The question with definite answer becomes: is the north ready to wait till 2027? the absolute answer is no! To the northern oligarchy, Nigeria political power is their birthright. It is north’s exclusively preserved privilege and the only thing they live on and for. And in this case just like in other clans of the world, no sacrifice is too dare in defence, protection, redemption, etc of one’s birthright but learning from their huge cost of retaking the presidency, they are determined now never to repeat what they consider their past mistakes and find themselves in that mode of untold desperation again. They have decided on time to retain power at all cost.

How will they retain or retake, recover, etc, the presidency in the face of the imminent doom of Buhari’s failing health in a constitutional democracy without taking the Boko Haram expensive route? The answer is “unconstitutionality”. They will simple stop Osibanjo from ever being in a position to determine their fate or constitute resistance to their goal.
My thoughts suggest that that is PMB’s mission back home since arriving from UK health trip. He is determine and he will largely succeed.

One of the reason he and his innermost cabal are so determined to pull through their mission is that they believe the Tinubu’s won’t spare them and that a southern leader will take advantage of PMB’s obvious favouritism and sectionalism paradigm which the north now enjoys to dismantle Buhari policies and put the north in difficulty. They will gain followership of northern main stream political thinkers and players by expressing their fears that if a Yorubaman is allowed to head Nigeria federation now, he will stop at nothing to reform Nigeria and restructure her politically and economically, a fear every northern political thinker and stakeholder shares in, and believe must never be allowed.

Buhari loyalists can’t imagine power going to Tinubu bloc, they believe it will be suicidal. Those that deserted Tinubu to enjoy president’s bountiful bouquet of power consider the thoughts of Osibanjo coming to power a nightmare that must never see the light of the day. That implies that not only northern oligarchy are working to thwart Osibanjo’s ascendency but the Yorubamen of the above political leanings. The Conspiracy is real, fierce and determined. This northern agenda found its legitimacy in the narrative that Obasanjo anointed Yar’Adua because he knows he was terminally ill so that power will return back to the south and to his stooge, and that he used the western nations’ intelligence communities to poison Yar’Adua in German hospital so that he dies quicker than expected and that when Yar’Adua realised that and started rushing to Arab nations for medical help it was too late. They also argue that the Yoruba nation had range of northern candidates to choose for president in 2014 APC presidential primary but they Chose Buhari; why? Some say that Tinubu knows Buhari’s status and has information that he won’t be here till 2019, while more critical others argue that Tinubu poisoned Buhari while Buhari was squatting with him in the days leading to the primaries in an effort to shortchange the north by having power return to him and to Yoruba through Osibanjo: his political godson. They believe that Obasanjo knowledge of that sinister motive and Yoruba agenda of the ACN leadership/Tinubu informed his sudden support for Buhari during 2015 general election. They believe that his call for Igbo presidency 2019 was based on his knowledge that Buhari will not be here to contest and his(OBJ) efforts at mobilising Igbo support for Osibanjo/Yorubas in the event of the manifestation of foreseeable northern opposition and political manoeuvres.

The north went to the drawing board, and in considering all options, it was obvious that for many reasons including the change in Washington DC and London, the route of terrorism is no longer feasible….it has to be political using every available tool including the military.
Amongst many works of preparations, they have to repackage/rebrand their own man, who understand their Nigeria mission and their objective at the moment, a man they have tested and proven, who they will sell to south, make him to appear electable, give him a nationalist look but he will be an unrepentant Northern(Fulani) irredentist but concealed in a nationalist and progressive attire. They found no man more suitable for this mission than Gov. Mallam Nasir El-Rufai… The repackaging and rebranding process began and that gave rise to the Open letter to the President immediately the position of the President’s health became clear to them. His current posture has been a continuous efforts in that direction….but if we are not forgetful, we will remember El-Rufai positions before then. Paradoxically Buhari has not been receiving visitors recently owing to his health except very privileged few like El-Rufai. Why did El-Rufai retain PMB’S confidence even as he openly castigates and vilifies his govt at a time he(Buhari) is sick and needs his(El-rufai) support the most? The plausible answer is what my thoughts are trying to unravel: subterfuge and northern Conspiracy….
And Buhari only mission coming back is to midwife this objective to success.

In October 18th 2015 vanguardnewspaper quoted SGF as follows: “I am Secretary to the Government today, because those people(Tinubu and Akande) that I mentioned were the very first to put the idea in the mind of the President. They were the ones that made it possible.
“Because if it has been left to northerners, it is doubtful if they will take a Christian man to make Secretary to the Government of the Federation”. The office of the SGF is the engine room of the presidency, there is no easy way to plan any thing in the presidency and hide it from the far reaching hands of SGF, and u can’t trust SGF Lawal with information that is detrimental to Tinubu political family’s survival. Unthankfully to the task at hand, the president was required to act as he did in lawal’s case simply in the course of his objective. Have we forgotten that just before the president’s health deteriorated, the presidency constituted a panel that investigated SGF and gave him a clean bill of health on the very issue he is being reinvestigated now? The president even wrote the NASS clearing the SGF of any wrong doing. That panel was chaired by the Attorney General who is also a member of the three man panel reconstituted to re-look into the matter. So what else is new? The only thing that has change is that Buhari is seriously ill and is likely not to see the end of the year. And how does that amount to guilt to a man that has been cleared of any guilt by the same presidency? Sophistry at work, stratagem in use, Conspiracy of an interest bloc. That is the question we are trying to answer. If Buhari is fully incapacitated or in the twilight of his departure to the great beyond, the SGF will be the most powerful man in the presidency, and he would be in a position to inhibit their plans and stop those conspirators. He has to go and he has to go with a label…and his evil forgiven has to be revisited. Politics and delvilism are like cloud and waters, they only look different but are the same. Lawal unwillingly died for Osibanjo but unfortunately not for his salvation. As my thoughts took a firm grip on me, I laughed at those suggesting that EU asked Buhari to sack corrupt aides before they could release the monies they granted Nigeria, my question is why is Abba Kayri still in the presidency, what of Amaechi and Fashola? Abba was the first aide of the president to take bribe, he was said to have taken 500 million from mtn, why has he not been suspended? The answer is that this is no corruption but a political war.

He is a Yorubaman and the only southerner heading any of our intelligence agencies, his agency overseas our intelligence gathering/operations outside our shores. They interface with other bodies like CIA, M16, KGB, MOZART etc. It is safe to think that Buhari and northern oligarchy cannot successfully conceal planing activities and implementations of a mission of this magnitude from him(DG NIA) considering the verse coverage of his agency. Again he can’t be trusted not to divulge the information at his disposal to his Yoruba kinsmen such as Obj. So he has to go if the Buhari’s and northern irredentists backers must succeed. It is important here to note that the money said to have been recovered by EFCC from NIA was contained in the briefing NIA sent to the presidency long ago. The money was at no time converted to DG’s personal use, and was not a subject of any investigation or misappropriation until EFCC played it’s role in the unfolding drama. An secret agency of the govt housed it money secured in its safe, the money was never missing, they told the presidency where the money is being housed, and EFCC used the information to perform the claptrap termed loot recovery to legitimise the DG’s suspension and replacement.

The ball is the military. When Buhari is ready the northern political arm in the military will takeover sighting insecurity, poor economy, corruption, etc as the reasons and promise to conduct election in one year and hand over power to the elected civil authority. It will happen when Buhari is almost vegetable, and fully incapacitated but the dotting of “I”s and crossing of the ”T”s are ongoing for the success of this mission and that is what we are witnessing now. So when that happens, it will be Buhari that was overthrown by his brethren and not Osibanjo that was overthrown by northern elements in Nigerian Army. And in the midst of the chaos PMB will be pronounced dead and given a national burial. The army will accuse the politicians of taking advantage of Buhari health and old age to enrich themselves and immediately ban key Southern politicians from politics and haul many to jail. A military head of state of northern extraction will emerge that will conduct election in 2019 and hand over to a northern candidate. The north will argue the south to allow them complete it’s tenure of 8yrs from 2015 which supposedly should end in 2023, and they will choose an Igbo vice president promising the Igbo that they will be given the chance to produce the president in 2023 but they will not keep their words. El-Rufai will be supported by the military regime to succeed them. That is why he was writing the president and leaking it to the public without consequences. The north is highly advanced politically. More advanced than the south.
If the northern oligarchy is not comfortable with the current military leadership, u will see changes soon and am expecting them to remove the Chief of army staff and replace him with a core Fulani Northwesterner.

The question agitating those irredentists minds is this evil DECIMAL of the Igbos. If u misplace him in this calculations and strategies the entire result will turnout in a fraction(crisis) and not a whole number. The Igbo won’t go with the North because of him(Nnamdi Kanu) and the Yoruba won’t go with the North because of Osibanjo and the south south won’t go with the North because of Jonathan, and they can’t go alone. If u kill him (nnamdi Kanu) Nigeria will fracture irreparably into pieces. So he is the best thing that has happened to the Igbo in our time and he is a evil DECIMAL to northern oligarchy. Note: while Buhari was away on medical vacation, OBJ started advocating for Igbo president(i have earlier on stated why) in 2019 and immediately Buhari returned from that trip with full understanding of this politics of power and his health, Federal High Court in Abuja acquitted Kanu and his co travellers of terrorism charge and on 25th of April the Federal High court declared that IPOB is not an illegal organisation and granted Kanu bail. Again one would ask? What has changed? Did Buhari not vow never to release Kanu? The only thing that has change is the president’s health and the power struggles around it. The fear here is the concerns of the deep thinker that the north may play Abiola with Kanu(using many possible means) after his release and blame it on God if a close eye is not following nnamdi Kanu but thank God Kanu has turn down their bail conditions. The north doesnt want him to die there for the above stated reasons and they are not likely to believe that a freed and living kanu can stomach their military takeover of the government, and they also know that an incarcerated Kanu and a military takeover will be too much for Igbo youths to swallow. So Kanu is the evil decimal that they wish they can afford to place only before a zero but he has refused. My fear is that the northern oligarchy is only looking at a best case scenario, those irredentists have no plan in the event that Nigerians down south reject and resist the coup, they have no plan in the event that their ambition leads us to civil war and breakup Nigeria(their patrimony), they have not considered the worse case scenario and have no contingent plans for it. Surprises in my thinking await us all. God help Nigeria”. I
Finally I want to remind everyone that will come across this piece that it is simply my thoughts expressed and nothing more. Pray for Nigeria. Pray for Africa race. God bless u.
Warmest regards,
Okey Ayogu


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